Born in Nyon (CH) , Maud Liardon trained classical and contemporary dance at the Conservatory and the Dance School of Geneva. After an initial contract at CCN TOURS led by Jc-Maillot, she joined the LYON OPERA BALLET for seven consecutives seasons. There she danced a vaste repertory, from choreographers such as: Jiri Kylian, William Forsythe, Bill T Jones, Dominique Bagouet, Mats Ek or even Trisha Brown. In 2001, she studied in Paris and obtained a State Diploma of dance teacher. She than moved to Sweden and became a soloist for the GOTHENBURG OPERA BALLET during two seasons. Since 2005, she is headquartered in Geneva and participates in various independent projects,for instance with FOOWA D'IMOBILITE, CIE QUIVALA or REGINA VON BERKEL for the Holland Dance Festival.

In 2006, the association ARNICA 9CH start to support her personal work. Her research is based on autobiographical topics, or even self-fiction. Combining serious thoughts with humor and self-mockery. She expresses through different art form such as

video, text, dance and also singing.The use of these different media

revolve around the concerns of the choreographer and make the singularity of her work.

She so created a tryptique of autobiographical solos whitch are:


"THE SWEDISH EXPERIENCE" (2006),recounts the experiences she had during her stay in Sweden.

"ARNICA 9CH (my life as a dancer)" (2008) deals with the dark side of being a dancer.

"ZELDA ZONK" (2009), is loosely inspired by Marilyn Monroe's life and autobiographical element, or discuss issues related to self-image.



She than

"ZELDA SONGS" (2011), is a musical project created in collaboration with Eric Linder. It features a selection of Marilyn Monroe's songs, rearranged into a rock music. It is

played in the form of live set with guitar, bass and drums, Maud Liardon vocals.


"MASH UP", a short performativ duet which is "danced and sang" live, remixing extracts from Béjarts Bolero and PJ Harvey's Rid of Me.

"THE SHEEP AND DALE," is a humoristic duet created specifically for the " Choreographic Cabaret" of ADC February 2011. It is composed of a series of short numbers in the tradition of music hall but in a very kitsch second degree.