In 1954 Marilyn Monroe flees Los Angeles to start a new life in New York. Decked out in a brown wig, a beige raincoat and dark glasses, she flies under the pseudonym of ZeldaZonk.Thereby she created herself a double that will also become a refuge; anonymous, simple, liberating. It is this identity that the choreographer Maud Liardon has gripped, using this hidden caracter as a pretext for an auto-fiction.

"In a world often made of opression and interdicts, Maud Liardon invented herself a form of intimate journal both literary and choreographic, declined in songs. She mixes her own considerations to the chaotic journey of an icon who then remembers that death comes. In an setting white as a shroud, she invites us to wander under a cinematographic influence. There, secrets can be revealed and fantasies emerge " Bertrand Tappolet, "Le Courrier" ,novembre 2009

Concept, texts and performance: Maud Liardon

Music: Eric Linder

Video: Laurent Valdès

Light designer: Davide Cornil

Scenography: Claire Peverelli

Outside eye: Imanol Attorasagati, Florence chappuis

Production: Morris Mendi, ADC Genève

Subventions: DAC et DIP Genève, Loterie Romande, Pro Helvetia

Creation at "Théâtre de l'ADC" geneva, novembre 2009

Touring, Usine à Gaz de Nyon,  septembre 2010

Video Extracts


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