is a duet which was specifically created on behalf of the ADC for his " Choreographic Cabaret" (february 2011), where it played the role of "Master of Ceremonies" for the evening.

This duo is made of two characters:

A sheep-pinup called "The Sheep"

and musician-magician simply called: "Dale"

Both meet in front of the stage for brief entertainging  interludes in the tradition of musichall, but in a kitsch second degree.

Six numbers were created:

- "The Sheep and Dale", presentation of musical duo

- "Sheep Tease", a sweet wink to burlesque strip tease

- "Cut in Half Sheep, " a classic of magic: the woman cut in two

- "Sheep Lake", a "mini" comic version of the famous Swan Lake's Pas de Quatre

- "Dale And The Baloons", a tribute to burlesque by Dale

- Fish & Sheep, "a musical interlude with mouth noises and guitar

Concept and Game: Maud Liardon

Collaboration and game: Pierre-Alexandre Lampert

Costumes: Maud Liardon, with the kind help of Aline Courvoisier



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