The «mashup», also called «bootleg» or «bastard pop» is an hybrid musical of sorts which consist in associating in the same piece, two or even three songs, taking generally the vocals of a piece onto the music of another.


The mashup finds its origins in the capacity of certain musiciens to recycle any form of music, notabilly through sampling for hip-hop, or simply covers for certain bands.

"Mash Up" is a set of 7short dance pieces that

seizes this principle of juxtaposition

and transposes this concept by combining not two different musics but very short samples of renown choreographies,toghether with movements of charismatic singers, both pasted on two a live played rock music, in order to create a third singular work. Extremely fun and creative by skilled assembly known and recognizable elements with original movements, sometimes inspired by charismatic rock singer, such as Iggy Pop, the series was initiated performance for music festival in 2011 with a first "Mash Up" performed on PJ harvey's cult  "Rid of me", followed by "Mash Up 2" a tribute to the death of a swan music psychedelic rock band "Black Angels" and "Mash Up 3" a mix of blues of RL Burnside "Going down south" and a choreography inspired by the 50s,  created for ANTIGEL FESTIVAL 2012.

Mash Up has been played in Geneva, ADC theater from the 20th february to the 3rd of March 2013.


This piece was sponsored by: The city of Geneva, Loterie Romande, Pro Helvetia Art Foundation, Nestlé Art Foundation, Staneley and Johnson Foundation, Leenaards Foundation, "Fond d'aide aux intermittents genevois".










Concept, singing and dance: Maud Liardon



Musical arrangements and live guitar: Bastien Dechaume Dancers: Zoé Dumont, Caroline Jacquemond, Anaïs Michelin, Erik Lobelius Additionnal musicians: Michel Blanc (Drums), Cécile Monsijon (harp)











































See video HERE
"Mash Up2"
"Mash Up1"
"Mash up 3"
Dossier de presse Mash Up 1 PDF ICI


Production: ADC, Cie Arnica 9CH, Festival Antigel

Accueil Studio: ADC

Avec le soutien de:

Ville de Genève

Pro Helvetia

Loterie Romande

Bourse Culturelle de la Fondation Leenaards

Fondation Staneley et Johnson

Fondation Nestlé

Fond intermittent genevois